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Skydive Auckland - 16500ft

Listed 02/12/13 | Skydive Auckland | Auckland | .Activities

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The highest tandem skydive in New Zealand’s North Island. Jump from a massive 16,500 feet. Skydiving with no limits. You’ll be skydiving 5029.2 metres with an insane 75 seconds of freefall. It’s the Ultimate Rush.

Skydive Auckland is a highly experienced Tandem Skydiving and Skydiving Training provider with an impeccable safety record. Our friendly team, quality equipment and great location means your skydiving experience is exhilarating and very easy to organise. From the North Island’s highest Tandem Skydive at 16500 ft to our 9000 ft teaser, we’ll ensure you have the time of your life! Free pick up and drop off available from the Sky Tower

Phone: 0800 921 650