Sunday, February 28, 2021



High Zone - Adventure Ropes Course (Whitianga)

Listed 17/12/13 | High Zone | Coromandel | .Activities


The Deal

Try One or all Nine Activities!

Chicken Walk
Heebey Jeebey
High Swing
Multi Vine
Rickety Bridge
Three Wire Bridge
Two Wire Bridge

Is it safe?  

Yes! We have very high safety standards. All participants are trained by experienced instructors. We provide specialised equipment for your safety which will be checked thoroughly by us before use. Each person is challenged to complete the course, but all that is required is a desire to try. Sturdy footwear and suitable clothing required.

How Much Time?

The ropes course can easily be a half day long activity if you want it to be. Anyway: to complete the HIGH SWING takes about 15 minutes, for the COMBO you will need about one hour. To finish the FULL COURSE plan 2 and 1/2 hours.

Making Arrangements

Individuals and groups can make arrangements to use the ropes course at HIGHZONE simply by contacting us. HIGHZONE would love to create a ropes course experience to help your group improve relationships and build up trust and confidence.

Phone: 021 260 7033