Sunday, February 28, 2021



Xtreme Freefall - NZ's Only Wind Tunnel

Listed 28/11/13 | Agroventures Adventure Park | Rotorua | .Activities

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Freefall Xtreme is the closest you will get to being a super hero as you fly on a giant wind column!

Trained staff provide you with a flight suit, training and a few tips and tricks before you head out onto the flight zone. Our team stays with you the entire time to ensure that you make the most of your free flight experience and they’ll even put you through a few twists, spins and barrel rolls. Fly for longer than freefalling from a plane. It's real quick and easy to do it again when you are hooked - just double your time and climb straight back on board!

There is plenty of room for friends and family to watch you fly and it will have them laughing till their sides hurt!

Phone: 0800 949 888 or + 64 7 357 4747