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Velvet Burger - Free 1/2 Scoop of Fatties or Skinnies

Listed 23/02/14 | Velvet Burger | Auckland | Food & Drink


The Deal

The Treaty of Velvet Burger

To secure the enjoyment of your gourmet burger experience, we at Velvet Burger commit to providing you with the best gourmet burger's we can possibly make, using the freshest ingredients that this beautiful country of ours has to offer. We'll make sure our stores give you an experience that make it worth your while to come visit and our team of great Burger Brothers and Ladies will be outstanding people that you'll really enjoy spending time with. Because beer is an excellent companion of our fine burger's all of our stores will offer you a great range of local beers as well as wine for those of you with a very discerning palette.
We make a promise to be open very late, especially on the weekends, when you really, really need us. We will be there when all other attempts to satisfy your needs have failed. We will also be there again in the morning when your head hurts and your body needs replenishment.


Discount Deal - Free 1/2 Scoop of Fatties or Skinnies when you order any Big Burger'

Phone: 03 477 0124