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Mezze Bar

Listed 04/03/14 | Mezze Bar | Auckland | Food & Drink


The Deal

Established in 1992, the Mezze Bar is an institution amongst city dwellers. It is situated in the cultural heart of the city in a buzzy and handy location. The Mezze Bar offers tasty food (all made in-house), a hand picked wine list and good local and craft beers, or if you’re in the mood for coffee – the espresso and cakes are excellent. The menu is inspired by travels in the Mediterranean, taking in Spain, the middle east and north Africa, hence the tapas and mezze, along with great salads and full meals. The Mezze Bar hums from breakfast through lunch and dinner. The ambience is warm, inviting, casual and relaxed. Unlike some cafes and restaurants the Mezze Bar kitchen is open all day, so if you feel like a proper meal at 3.30 in the afternoon this is the place to go. Or, if you’re having a nostalgic moment for a time and place far away – enjoy great tapas and a jug of Sangria with friends.

Opening Hours - 

Monday to Friday 7am ‘til 11pm

Saturday and Sunday  11am ‘til 11pm

Phone: 09 307 2029